SQL Azure Query Tool – Red Gate Query Anywhere

Red Gate Query Anywhere is a web based tool to Query a SQL Azure database from anywhere. Its available for free in


Step 1: Please provide your Server name, Database, Username and Password and click Connect


Step 2: Once connected, you will be able to the Objects available in your database


Step 3: To Query the tables or view, you can directly start writing queries in Query pane and click “Execute”


Step 4: You can also create Stored Procedures


Step 5: To view the definition of Existing Stored Procedure or any other object, click on the Object name and expand and then click “ScriptAsCreate”


Conclusion: Red Gate Query Anywhere is nice and lightweight tool to query SQL Azure database, but still needs lot of improvement, such as

1. Showing the progress of executing queries

2. Object Name are displayed as Blank some times, which is eventually fixed after refreshing the UI

3. Option to login without providing database name and then pick a database and query

Friends, Play with this nice tool and post your feedback and comments !!!

In the next post we will review the other similar tools available

Project Houston – Microsoft SQL Azure Database Managerhttp://windows.azure.com

myLittleAdmin for SQL Azure (Currently in Beta, Pricing not announced) – http://mylittleadmin4sqlazure.cloudapp.net/

Hannsens SQL Azure Manager (Free) – http://hanssens.org/tools/sqlazuremanager/


Backup SQL Azure Database using Red Gate SQL Azure Backup Tool

After reading my last article one of my friend asked, whether there is any easy way to Backup SQL Azure databases, without writing scripts or custom programs, so I was searching for 3rd party products and found the Red Gate SQL Azure Backup Tool, its still in Beta, but works pretty good.

You can download it from the following link


Currently its available for Free to download

After downloading, extract the zip file and run the program


Specify the name of the SQL Azure Server name and provide username and password on click on Database selection to pick the database you want to backup

Next Enter the Local SQL Server Name (Destination Backup Server) and specify Credentials, then enter the name of the Local database to be created for backup from Azure

Warning: Existing database cannot be used for backup. You need to use a new database name only

Click “Next” to proceed


Click on “Start Backup” to start the backup process


Status of Backup process will be displayed in the progress bar, depending upon the size of the database


Backup has completed successfully !!!

Some of the features, I would like to see in this product is

1. Integration with SQL Server Management Studio or Red Gate SQL Backup Pro

2. Option to run from Command Line, so that we can it as Windows Task and automate it

3. Option to run backup for multiple databases


Easy to Use


Small and Lightweight


Need to create a new database every time to create a backup

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