XE Profiler / Extended Events Profiler – New SQL Server Management Studio Feature

SQL Server Management Studio v 17.3 introduces new feature called “XE Profiler” or “Extended Events Profiler”, This will be the obvious replacement for SQL Server Profiler which was part of SQL Server Tools since SQL Server 7.0

Out of the box, XE Profiler supports the following options


TSQL template provide simple details such as Event Sequence, Name of the Event, Query Text, Session ID, Time Event occurred


Standard Template provide more details such as Client Application Name, User Name, CPU Time, Logical Reads, Writes, Duration


You can Pause and Resume profiling using these options


Clear Data option is enabled only when profiling is on and running, I wish this should be enabled in stopped state as well to cleanup

One of my personal favorite feature is Bookmarks


We can setup Bookmarks on statements which you want to review later using “Toggle Bookmark” option from Toolbar or Context menu, we can navigate between Bookmarks using “Previous Bookmark” and “Next Bookmark” options, We can clear the Bookmarks using “Clear All Bookmarks” option, it would be nice to have a warning when we use this option, so that accidental cleanup of all bookmarks can be avoided

Find” is a handy option to search for specify details such as query text


We can also customize the Search for specific column by changing the Look In


Also we have option to customize the list of columns we want to see as well


We also have option to create Merged columns by combining up to 5 columns


We can save the changes made to display settings and reuse the previously saved settings as well


Filters option enables us to run the profiler to target specific database or application or by specific username


We can also setup Time based filter and Fields supported in filter are as follows



Hope you find this article helpful !!!

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